ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Evoline Felt liners are manufactured with a 100% vertically integrated system, which guarantees that every phase of manufacturing – from the purchase of raw fibre to the coating and development of our liners – is done in one location, giving us impeccable precision and control over the quality products we use. Our innovative liners are subjected to a rigorous 28-stage testing system during every phase of the manufacturing process.

We bring you global experience and a world of choices.

Our manufacturer knew back in the 1800s that diversification was the key to global success and now, more than 150 years later, EVOLiNE continues to evolve as they supply the world’s finest quality felt and fiberglass reinforced CIPP liners for gravity sewer, pressure pipe and potable water applications.

With our manufacturing supply partner having locations in the United Kingdom and the United States, and more than 70 million metres of successful installations around the globe the quality of Evoline liners has been resoundingly confirmed. Our personalised care and close attention to the smallest of details ensures Evoline customers grow right along with us.