Top-quality, high-performance
resins and liner

Cures quickly with mild (50°C) heat, trench-less repair of pipes from 50 mm to 2,500 mm in diameter

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance-certified company produces Evoline products to the highest quality

EVOLiNE’s resin and liner system is Watermark compliant, adding value and assuring quality in the CIPP process

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An Australian success story!

Founded in Australia, EVOLiNE’S initial focus was to secure the very best manufacturing partners and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining technologies. We strive to provide the most competitively-priced systems, of the highest possible quality, including approvals and compliance (including WaterMark, ASTM, F-1216, ISO 11296-4).

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High-performance resins.

Australian manufactured resins!

EVOLINE resins are a 100% solid, non-draining epoxy system for producing Cured-In-Place Pipe. It is a single resin system with multiple choices, available at either 2:1 or 4:1 (by volume) curing agent hardeners. Evoline Resin CIPP Systems have a proven track record in conjunction with EVOLINE felt or fibreglass liner materials.

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Top-quality liner.

Innovative and rigorously tested liners

Evoline Felt liners are manufactured with a 100% vertically integrated system, which guarantees that every phase of manufacturing – from the purchase of raw fibre to the coating and development of our liners – is done in one location, giving us impeccable precision and control over the quality products we use.

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