Why choose Evoline?

EVOLiNE provides customised and innovative solutions for all your CIPP requirements. Our systems include the very best solutions for relining laterals via inversion, drag in place and point repairs. All our systems carry WaterMark approval.

  • Secure Future

  • Extensive Support

  • Premium Product Range

  • Strong Leadership

  • Growth & Marketing

Extensive Support

As part of the EVOLiNE community, you’ll have the opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established industry and provide your business access to a worldwide network of experienced manufacturing partners. EVOLiNE gives you the resources and support you need to succeed.

Premium Product Range

EVOLiNE are recognised for their superior quality products and backed by manufacturer’s guarantees. EVOLiNE provides only the very best performing products. Because we’re not restricted to one supplier, you’ll be provided the very best choices when deciding on your technology to complete your projects.

Secure Future

While Australasia has accepted the obvious advantages and benefits of CIPP, EVOLiNE provides our partners with opportunities for rapid growth in revenue and profit. While there’s no such thing as a certainty, the potential growth in the CIPP market is limitless and very resilient to economic slowdowns. With approved products and systems now mandatory, it’s essential to partner with a supplier who gives you the very best chance to succeed.

Strong Leadership

EVOLiNE has built a strong reputation for excellence throughout the CIPP industry and has strong working relationships and friendships with many of the leading minds that drive the industry. We continue to challenge the technologies and products available and consistently strive to be better. We seek to guide our partners through challenging decisions, to give them their best chances of success.